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Legal Documents which Bank-NBFC consider to create a Mortgage-(A)

In order to obtain a mortgage loan, the applicant must present a series of documents related to his KYC, history of the property he wishes to buy, income, etc., depending on the category of the client (employee / self-employed / merchant / NRI). The required documents vary from bank to bank. Below are some lists …

Importance of Repayment Tenure in Loans 1

When you get a loan, you must repay it to the lender within a certain period of time. The repayment includes both principal and interest from a predefined number of monthly payments. Simply put, repaying the loan through a series of scheduled payments, commonly known as EMI, that includes both the principal amount outstanding and …

How to Make a Budget-(A)

Every year a good financial plan starts with a solid budget. Whether you’re looking to pay your bills or save for a dream vacation, budgeting is your first step in reaching your financial goals. Follow these steps to establish a realistic budget. DETERMINE YOUR INCOME Start with the amount of money you make after taxes …


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