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7th Pay Commission_ Various sanctions can be imposed on employees of the central government. New Order

7th Pay Commission_ Various sanctions can be imposed on employees of the central government. New Order

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has clarified the implementation of the second sentence (or sentences) on defendants on duty during the term of the first sentence.

In a memorandum (O.M.) dated October 28, 2022, the DoPT stated that behavior authorities must clearly indicate in the sentencing order whether the two sentences (or multiple sentences) will be served simultaneously or sequentially if served during the length of the second sanction or sentence. the subsequent sanction imposed would be prior sanctions/sanctions.

“However, it is specified that in the absence of such special mention, both/all sentences must be executed simultaneously and the greater sentence, even if imposed later, must be executed immediately and after its time limit if the validity of the previous sentence is ongoing, the same can be implemented for the rest of the time,” he added.

Using various examples, the DoPT explained the rules for imposing multiple sanctions on central government officials charged with service whose salaries are calculated according to the pay matrix of the 7th Salary Commission. (Illustrations are available on the official DoPT website.)

CCS rule change (pension)

Recently, the Government notified an amendment to Rule 8 of the CCS (Pensions) Rules 2021. Under the new rule, a retired central government employee’s pensions and bonuses can be canceled if they are found guilty of gross misconduct or negligence in the performance of their duties. The amendment provides details of the authorities that may make the decision to withhold a pension or benefits, or both, from a retired worker.

LTC Rule Change

Earlier this month, the DoPT extended the relaxation of air travel to visit the North East Region, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar under the Travel Concession License Rules (CCS) 1988. The benefit has been extended until September 25, 2024.

The LTC benefit is now also available to new recruits, who can convert one of the three local LTCs into a valid four-year block to visit NER/A&N/J&K/Ladakh. In addition, they can also benefit from an additional hometown LTC conversion to visit UT from J&K / UT from Ladakh in a four-year block.


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