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The world of credit cards can seem confusing to newbies. There are several banks that offer many credit cards with different functions and benefits. There is not a single card that meets the definition of “best credit card” because different people have different financial needs. The credit card that’s right for you is the one that best suits your purchasing personality.

Here may be a comprehensive guide to assist you to select and apply for a MasterCard. But first, we know how a credit card works.


With a credit card, you can make purchases on credit and pay later. You have been assigned a credit limit and you cannot spend more than your credit limit. Your income, credit rating, job stability and much more determine your credit limit.

Credit cards offer an interest-free period of 45 to 50 days. So if you cancel all the credit card charges on time, you will not have to pay interest on the purchases made. However, cash advances (withdrawals) do not apply to the interest-free period. If you cannot pay the total amount due with your credit card, you have the option of paying a minimum amount and transferring the remaining amount. This unpaid balance results in daily financial charges (interest).



  1. Credit cards are easy to carry and use; In any case, better than having a bundle of money with you everywhere.
  2. You are much safer because the user has limited liability in the event of credit card fraud.
  3. Credit cards offer additional financial protection that you can use during a financial crisis.
  4. With credit cards, you can earn rewards and cash refunds while you spend.
  5. Various discounts are offered for credit cards, including access to the airport lounge, gift vouchers, and gifts as major benefits.


  1. Credit cards have high-interest rates ranging from 25% to 45% per year.
  2. Fees and additional costs are associated with credit cards, e.g. B. annual deposit, renewal fees, late payment penalty, etc.
  3. If you lose credit card payments and keep spending too much, a debt spiral begins.
  4. Credit cards are generally quite expensive for international use, with the exception of certain personalized cards.
  5. Payments with 5 lost credit cards have a direct impact on your creditworthiness.

How to Choose the Right Credit Card

From simple rewards to travel benefits, you will find credit cards for all types of requirements. Choosing the right card depends on the advantage you want to use. Therefore, the first step should be to define your credit card goals. If you are just starting your credit journey, the options may be limited. New users can only get approval for single credit cards. However, you should choose the best from the options available. Sometimes you may receive emails regarding pre-approved credit cards. You can continue to do so, but be aware that prior approval does not guarantee that you will receive the card.

Here are some simple tips to help you find the right credit card.

Analyze your spending to find out where you spend less and less.

Be honest with yourself about financial habits.

Learn more about credit cards and list the main benefits you want to take advantage of.

Know your budget and how much you could pay more with EMI.

Decide if you want to pay an annual fee for a card or not.

Do not fall into the offers offered. Do your own research.

Based on the above analysis, you can select certain credit cards and check your eligibility for them. If you are eligible for one of the lists, you can continue with the request.

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