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Advantages of Group Health Insurance in India


To ensure joint health and prosperity, employers offer their employee group health insurance. This guide gives employees the opportunity to purchase basic insurance. All employees must clearly understand these guidelines.

Let’s read this article and discuss some of the basics of group employee health insurance.

What is Mediclaim group insurance?

Employer group health insurance for employees, also known as group health insurance, offers the insured several benefits. To provide this policy, some employers deduct a certain amount from the employee’s CLC. The amount deducted corresponds to the cost of the health insurance premium provided by the employer. However, some organizations offer their employees a group policy for free. Because the plans are purchased in bulk, they are cheaper.

Mediclaim group insurance offers employees many advantages. This policy applies to both the policyholder (employee) and their family members. This comprehensive stand is quite impressive for professionals.

Group health insurance benefits

Lower costs due to higher risk: In terms of costs, group health insurance is always cheaper than individual or family health insurance. This is due to the size of the bonus shared between employees.

Employees feel valued: With group insurance, employees are happy that the organization values ​​them. In return, they work hard to do their best and make it better for everyone.

More people increase the benefits of the plan: the more people covered by group health insurance, the greater the benefits for the insured. You get more value with added benefits like coverage for pre-existing conditions, hospital costs, and more.

Family protection is included: it can vary from policy to policy, but group health insurance often covers your family members as well. These plans protect employees’ families by providing financial assistance when they need it. Otherwise, family members may need to purchase other floating family health insurance and pay the premium out of pocket.

Easy to Apply: Instead of looking for a claim with health insurance companies, all you have to do with group health insurance plans is to contact your employer with the appropriate bills. Since a large number of employees are insured, the employer will make sure your claim is approved. You can even treat employees without cash.

These plans cover pre-existing conditions and maternity costs. Under certain circumstances, employees can arrange for their additional members to be covered under the plan at a slightly higher deduction.



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