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Bacho Ka Adhaar

Bacho ka adhaar

After a forceful initiative taken by the government to get an adhaar card for every individual of the country. There are certain procedures to be followed by everyone to enroll for the card. Even the children of the family also have to go through these procedures, though a bit different from the adults, to get their adhaar number in early age.

However, (as per the statement given by the Supreme Court) it is not mandatory for the adults and the kids to possess Aadhaar. But still parents are looking forward to enroll their children to save them from future hazardous situations of the procedures.

Enrolling your Child for Aadhaar?

Enrollment procedure for Aadhaar varies for the children of different age groups. Let’s read on to know more:

For Children below 5 years of Age

  • These days the parents are so informed that they apply for the Aadhaar no of their children as soon as they step in this world. But in case, you somehow got late for the enrollment, you just have to go to Aadhaar Enrollment Centre and fill the Aadhaar Enrollment Form. For the documents you have to enclose the photocopy of your Aadhaar card and your child’s birth certificate. You also need to take the original documents for verification purpose.
  • If your child is below 5 years, the biometric data will not be recorded and only photograph is required.
  • To link your child’s Aadhaar with your UID (Unique Identification),  it is mandatory for the parents to have Aadhaar card.
  • The card issued for minors is of blue colour.

Children above 5 years of Age

  • To enrol the children above 5 years, their parents have to enclose the child’s birth certificate, the school’s identity card (ID card) or a Bonafide certificate on the institution’s letterhead along with the Aadhar Enrolment Form.
  • The fingerprints, iris scan and photograph of your child will be taken at the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. These details will be updated again after the age of 15 years.
  • Parents also need to provide the photocopy of their Aadhaar card and take the originals along for the verification.
  • At a later stage (after 15 years), if the fingerprints and other biometric details of the applicant doesn’t match, the applicant can get these details updated.

Now-a-days, to make it more easier for the parents, the hospitals have also started enrolling newly born children into the Aadhaar system before the baby is discharged from the hospital.

Documents Required for Minor Aadhaar Card

There are not too many documents required for Aadhaar enrollment. The parents only have to provide the following four documents to get their child enrolled for Aadhaar:

  • Aadhaar card details of the guardians
  • Identity proof of the child’s parents
  • Address proof of the child’s parents
  • Child’s birth certificate

Things to Know About Aadhaar for Children

You should be aware of few important points before applying for your child’s Aadhaar:

  • For the enrollment of children below 5 years, no biometric data is collected initially as their details may change with the growing age.
  • When the child is enrolled after the age of 5 years, the biometric details such as fingerprints, iris scan and photograph are taken and linked with his Aadhaar. Aadhaar number once allotted does not change throughout the life.
  • After the child attains 15 years of age, his biometric data is again updated and this data remains permanently attached with the Aadhaar.
  • New-born children are also eligible for Aadhaar
  • These days most banks ask for Aadhaar to open bank accounts as the proof of identity and residence. You also have to provide the ID proof and birth certificate of your child but if birth certificate is not present, Aadhaar can be used in its place. However, the parent’s Aadhaar is mandatory for opening a bank account of a minor.
  • Even in few states the schools also ask to provide the Aadhar card of the ward while processing the admission process.
  • For investing in mutual funds –Aadhaar can also be used for investing in mutual  funds in the name of a minor child. Generally, the birth certificate of the child is accepted but many funding companies ask for Aadhaar as well.
  • For Government subsidies – The children who take mid-day meals have to provide their Aadhar card on a compulsory basis across the country. Students who apply for government scholarship schemes also require to furnish their Aadhaar while applying.


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