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Can I opt for a Health Insurance Plan without a Medical Checkup?

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Medical costs are skyrocketing as modern medicine is progressive and technology-driven. At the same time, diseases are on the rise as lifestyle changes have exposed people to health risks. In this scenario, providing quality healthcare has become difficult and difficult for many due to financial constraints. This is why people invest in health insurance to protect themselves from the financial pressures of a medical emergency.

When it comes to health insurance, it is easy to buy because you can buy it online. However, in many directives, there is the concept of a pre-admission medical examination before coverage is granted. Let’s see what this control is made of:

What is the pre-entry medical check-up?

By purchasing health insurance, the insurance company ensures the risk of illness and injury. Although injuries cannot be predicted, it is easy to predict the onset of disease based on your health. For this reason, many insurance companies require you to undergo certain medical tests before you are eligible for insurance coverage. These exams are known as pre-entry health exams because they are required before purchasing the policy.

Why are these medical tests necessary?

Insurance companies want to assess the likelihood of claims in the contracts they issue. To assess this probability, they insist on medical examinations before entering. Medical exams help insurers understand the current health status of the insured and determine if there are pre-existing conditions or medical complications. If the medical reports are favorable, insurance companies can easily cover the insured. However, if medical reports reveal medical complications, health insurers may take one or more of the following actions:

Increase the premium to offset the increased health risk of issuing the policy.

  • Limit the amount of coverage available
  • Establish restrictive terms of coverage to cover specific illnesses that may arise as a result of medical complications identified in the report.
  • If the health risk is very high, completely reject the insurance proposal

The requirement for medical checks in health insurance systems

Now that you know why health insurance companies require medical exams, you know that not all health insurance plans require a preliminary medical exam. The pre-entry medical examination requirement occurs in one or more of the following cases:

  • When your age is high

Health insurance generally requires health insurance before you enter if you are 46 or older. People are believed to be relatively healthy up to the age of 45 and medical complications appear as they age. For example, many plans have a pre-entry medical exam requirement if you are over 45 years old. Years. However, some plans do not require pre-admission medical checks until age 55 or even 60.

  • If you choose a high insured sum

If you opt for a high insured sum, the greater the damage, the greater the risk for the insurance company. For high sums insured, health checks are required before admission, even at a young age. Typically, the amount of insurance in which medical exams are required prior to entry is INR 10 lakhs, while some plans allow coverage of up to INR 20 lakhs without a medical exam. However, if you opt for a higher insured sum, medical examinations are mandatory from an early age.

  • If you indicate an unfavorable state of health in the application form

When completing the request form, you must disclose your medical history and health status to the best of your knowledge and belief. So when you fill in the application form when you indicate that you have a complication or undesirable medical condition, the insurance company may ask you to undergo a medical examination before issuing the policy, regardless of your age and the amount of insurance you choose.

Health insurance without a medical examination

When it comes to checkups, many people avoid subscribing to health insurance altogether. The reasons to avoid this are as follows:

  • They are against the idea of pre-admission checkups, although these checkups can help them understand your health.
  • Many are also afraid of finding a disease, which could increase the calculated premium and avoid purchasing plans with medical examinations.
  • People find it impractical to get screened before buying a policy
  • The insurer only assumes the cost of medical checks prior to admission if the policy has been issued. If the policy is rejected, the costs will fall on the shoulders of the insured, which is an additional expense.
  • Many companies only pay 50% of the cost of medical check-ups and require policyholders to pay the remaining 50%. This is an additional expense that many people do not like to assume.


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