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Car Insurance Add on Covers: Types and Benefits

Car Insurance Add on Covers_ Types and Benefits - (A)

Upgrade your insurance with additional car insurance coverage. People who believe that they have made a full evidentiary decision by purchasing mandatory liability insurance and having full coverage under an auto insurance policy should take a look at the supplement provided by auto insurance companies to protect the motorist from the scenarios. which are normally excluded. Each driver offers the car owner unique advantages. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of supplemental insurance available.

Ten additional car insurance

1. Zero depreciation coverage

The comprehensive insurance covers both individual damages and damages to third parties. A claim is only paid after deducting the depreciation of the insured person. This add-on allows you to be insulated from insurance and regain market value.

2. Engine cover

Starting a disabled vehicle that is submerged in water can damage the vehicle’s engine. The resulting loss is known as a consecutive loss, which can be characterized as a loss due to events other than direct losses such as accidents. An engine cover / hydrostatic cover is used to cover damage caused by consequential damage.

3. Roadside assistance

This add-on helps motorists whose vehicles break down due to mechanical failure in which the motorist was stranded. Assistance with minor repairs, battery reset, disposal of spare keys, telephone assistance, emergency fuel, and minor repairs are expected as part of the coverage to be covered.

4. Ambulance and medical expenses

This supplement covers the driver for the cost of ambulance expenses.

5. Rental Assistance

The cover provides the driver with costs that were too boring to transport the driver from the crash site to their destination. With this add-on, the motorist is free of transportation costs as the insurance company would pay for this event.

6. Personal accident insurance

The advantage of this add-on is that the benefits of this plan are paid if the person is killed in an accident and if a motorist is partially or permanently disabled and the motorist loses his hand or leg, the incident would be eligible. Damages in the event of dismemberment and hospital costs are also covered in this supplement.

7. Back to bill coverage

With this additional coverage, the driver can recover the original invoice value, including the registration value and the vehicle tax paid, and not just the declared value of the insurance, which is the market value of the depreciable coverage. with time. Bill return coverage is suitable for drivers traveling to theft-prone areas or for drivers traveling long distances. Insurance coverage does not apply to imported vehicles and applies to vehicles that are less than three years old.

8. Accident insurance for vehicle occupants

This supplement offers insured passengers a lump sum payment in the event of death or permanent total or partial disability in the event of an accident. The maximum sum insured varies from one insurer to another, but generally, the sum insured is around 1 lakh.

9. Daily allowance

This additional auto insurance coverage reimburses the person for renting an alternative vehicle in the event the car is stolen or repaired. The subsidy varies between 500 and 1000, depending on the vehicle model. The subsidy is granted for a period of 10 to 15 days. However, drivers should pay attention to exclusions. The car must be repaired in an authorized workshop to benefit from this coverage.

10. Consumables cover

Under this addendum, the insurance company would compensate the car owner for nuts and bearings, windshield wipers and motor oils, etc., if the car is damaged in an accident. . This supplement is generally excluded from standard auto insurance.


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