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Eyeing for an international scholarship – This how you can maximize your chances

Eyeing for an international scholarship - This how you can maximize your chances - (A)

For talented students in India, various scholarship packages are available in undergraduate, postgraduate, and master’s programs at foreign universities. This allows students to access amazing educational opportunities. However, the competition for these scholarships is fierce and you must start the process at least a year in advance to qualify.

Scholarships can be 100% or even 20-25% of the tuition value. This varies depending on the university, the student’s profile, the program they wish to pursue, and various other factors.

It’s best to think of the scholarship as a bonus rather than the primary source of funding. After receiving the scholarship, the remaining costs of studying abroad must be covered by a student loan and self-financing.

Let’s take a look at the main parameters that matter to get a scholarship if you are considering studying abroad.

Build a strong profile

If you ever want to apply for a scholarship, work on it. And start early, preferably during their school days.

Building a strong profile also depends on the field you want to study in, what the chosen universities expect of their students, etc.

Similarly, a tuition waiver requires excellent communication skills and good scores on the oral portion of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Both are English tests for non-native speakers. Merit-based scholarships require academic excellence. Management-based program scholarships require demonstrated leadership in sporting events, school or college, or employment prior to joining the program, success in startups, community change initiatives, etc.

Academic performance is one of the most important aspects when evaluating a scholarship application, where GMAT, GRE, or SAT test scores come into play, GMAT is for admission to graduate programs in business schools or administration of companies, GRE is for admission to masters and doctoral programs. at various universities and the SAT is for admission to undergraduate programs.

“In addition to academic performance, the university also evaluates the performance of students in its extracurricular activities, which include debates, presentations, specialized seminars, etc.

It helps if the students are versatile. Sports or other activities on a student’s profile that demonstrate discipline, dedication, responsibility, and a positive attitude help earn higher test scores.

“My recommendation for students who are still in grade 12 and considering college education is that they really need to develop a strong profile now. You cannot make an impact or achieve excellence overnight.

Most foreign universities offer scholarships. Visit their websites to understand their admission criteria once you have shortlisted the universities to study.

“Most students are limited to just the school website. For example, when a student applies to the MBA program, she only consults the website of the MBA school. The university as a whole adds a variety of other scholarships that the student cannot apply for. ”

“Students should reach out to previous Batch students on social media to understand the different scholarships available.

A student may also apply for multiple funding sources. “However, there are conditions and, in general, a student who wins several scholarships should only accept the highest scholarship and forgo the rest in order to achieve a more equitable distribution of funding resources within the student community. In some rare situations, bright students receive multiple scholarships from the university and the government when there is no mutual exclusivity between those scholarships.

Apply early for scholarships

Government and university scholarships have an early cycle and a deadline. Many colleges have three or four rounds of applications. There is usually a scholarship fund. However, it is better if you apply for a scholarship yourself in the first or second round.

“If you apply in the third or fourth round, you are less likely to get a scholarship because the university may have exhausted its scholarship funds. For example, if you want to apply for the fall of 2023, you must be working at the university by July of this year and apply for a scholarship. If you are seriously looking for scholarships, you should start your search early with thorough research


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