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Gone are the days when we were worried about frequent visits to the supermarket or the nearby grocery store to stock up on food. With so many apps and websites to deliver your groceries, you no longer have to run away on a sunny afternoon to buy a package of milk.

Why is buying groceries online so good?

If you like your local supermarkets, this might be the question you are thinking about. Here is the answer:

More variety

When shopping at a nearby grocery store, the requested brand may not be available for some products. Very frustrating, right? When shopping online, the chances of facing such situations are considerably lower. Most major brands and even local brands are available on these websites and apps. One-click and you will reach them in no time. Who no longer loves variety?

Punctual delivery

Most of these portals or online food applications offer an option for choosing the delivery location. After ordering the products you want, you can sit back and relax while the order is delivered to you at the desired time. You don’t have to worry about missing your favorite show or a great cricket match. Just choose a time range as you like and repeat your other tasks.

More comfort

Achieving what you want in just a few clicks is like having a mind at your disposal! All you have to do is select the products you want, place an order, select a time slot and you’re done. Can it be more practical? Maybe if we can download food with cutting edge technology!

Save time and energy

Grocery shopping saves you a lot of time and gives you enough air to focus on other important things in your life. Instead of having to leave work after you get home, you can order daily groceries at the office. It is a relief! How many times have you prepared instant noodles for dinner just because you were too busy (or lazy) to buy vegetables and fruit? We all did it! With online grocery sites, you no longer need to eat snacks unless you are so lazy that you can’t even order groceries online!

I hope you have now realized how convenient it is to buy groceries online.

Why is online grocery shopping so successful?

The main reason for the popularity of these online shopping portals is that our income is gradually increasing as technology evolves and we get lazy! Another reason for their popularity is the intrusion of the Internet into our lives. When we run into a problem these days, the first thing we do is open the web browser on our phones and look for a solution!

What do your business models look like?

There are two types of basic economic models used by these key players. While companies like Big Basket follow the pure-play model, others like Grofers and Peppertap use the hyperlocal delivery model.

In the pure game model, these companies have huge warehouses and functional distribution centers in all the major cities of India. They also have their own fleet of vehicles with GPS.

Players using the hyperlocal delivery model pick up groceries from nearby stores and deliver them to their doorstep. Local businesses benefit from professional logistics experts who deliver their products and increase sales. In return, these delivery experts receive a commission from them. As a consumer, you can get all the products you want in your local stores on your doorstep without having to go there!

Will he continue to succeed in India?

In a country like India where people like to go through things long before making a purchase, ordering things online (especially groceries) could have been a bit complicated. Some start-ups like Grofers had problems in certain level 2 cities, which ultimately led to the closure of these cities.

The concept of online grocery shopping continues to be very popular in Level 1 cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Some of the main players in this market were: Big Basket, Grofers, and Zopnow, etc. Among them, Big Basket continues to be the market leader with a presence in all major cities.

According to a survey by Technopark, a retail consultancy, the online grocery market in major Indian cities is growing rapidly by 25-30% each year.

Given the speed at which smartphones and the Internet are booming in India and our search for convenience, food portals still seem to be a lucrative market segment.


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