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Grocery & Vegetable Shopping During COVID 19 Lockdown – Essential to Take Precautions

Grocery & Vegetable Shopping DuringCovid 19 Lockdown [A]

Amidst the extension of the lockdown announced by Central Government of India and State Governments in order to prevent and curb the spread of Corona Virus disease across India, it is a necessity to move out of the house for the purchase of essential commodities such as fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, grocery items and bread, etc.

Although anyone who has come in contact with the Corona Virus affected person can also be infected with the diseases, studies indicate that people with pre-existing medical conditions, children with the lower immune systems, and older people are extremely vulnerable to the disease, often leading to their death. In such circumstances, it is necessary to take certain precautions while going out for shopping for essential items.

Important Measures to Take while going for essential commodities shopping.

  1. Maintain and enforce social distancing norms for elderly members and children in your family. Do not allow them to move out of the house or get in contact with any outsider under any circumstances.
  2. If possible, get the milk items delivered at your house, check out for any such services available in your locality by consulting friends, neighbors over the phone, do not move out of the house.
  3. Disinfect all items that are delivered to your house.
  4. If it is the utmost necessity to move out of the house, wear a mask and gloves. A plastic glove used to color the hair can also solve the purpose.
  5. In case of absence of gloves, disinfect your hands with a sanitizer.
  6. Prepare a list of items to carry with you when you visit the grocery store. Avoid spending long hours in the store, make your purchase as quick as possible.
  7. Avoid the rush hours and try to shop during off-peak hours when the crowd is less in the stores.
  8. Maintain a distance of at least six feet from others.
  9. Disinfecting the handle of the cart or the shopping basket with a sanitizer before use would be appropriate under these circumstances.
  10. Avoid using cash exchange, use of payment methods such as google pay, net banking, and Paytm would be a better option.
  11. When you return home after the shopping, unpack the grocery items and wipe them.
  12. Rinse fruit and vegetables at least twice with clean water.
  13. Sanitize all surfaces where you have kept the grocery bags etc.
  14. Wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water once you are done with all the assembling and washing etc of the purchased items.

Use & Benefits of Shopperkart App During the Corona Virus Lock Down

The Shoperkart app is designed to support the local grocery stores to expand their business in their respective areas and target potential buyers. The app has several benefits especially during these times when the Corona Virus threat is taking many lives across the globe.

Both the seller and customers could look at the following benefits with the use of the app during the lockdown period; It is easy to register on the app and only a few essential information such as name, contact number, address, and email Id is needed.

  1. Both the seller and the customer need not spend any money on availing the services of the app.
  2. The customer can browse through a list of items on the app and place the order according to the need. This helps in eliminating the need to go out of the house for shopping. From the shopkeeper’s perspective, once the order is received, he or she can pack the order as per convenient timing and inform the customer once done. The customer may choose to collect the items at a convenient time, or the seller may provide a delivery option as well.
  3. The customers can view offers and discounts for all items and the seller can list all items with their MRP and discounts, which means that the customer need not go to the store to look for items that are needed.
  4. The app helps in eliminating the need to stand in long ques for the purchase of groceries by the customers thereby also helping in maintaining the social distancing norm during this period. From the shopkeeper perspective also, the store can be managed more efficiently with less crowd.
  5. The seller and buyer can track the status of the orders. Once an order is received, an order number is generated, which helps both the seller and customer to track the orders without having the need for repeated visits to the store. Once the order is ready, the seller can mark the same is ready and when the order is delivered, the seller can mark the order as completed. This makes it easy for the seller to manage orders.
  6. The customer and the shopkeeper get to know the total amount that needs to be paid once the complete order is placed, the payment can be transferred to an online medium such as google pay, Paytm, net banking, etc, thereby eliminating the need for the cash transaction.

We encourage all grocery stores to register on the app as soon as possible. The app can be downloaded google play store with link

The customers can download the app from google play store with a link


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