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Home Loan – Meaning, Types, Eligibility, and Features

Home Loan – Meaning, Types, Eligibility, and Features

Home Loan – Meaning, Types, Eligibility, and Features

A home loan is a form of loan that aids in the construction or purchase of a home. It is a well-liked option for those who desire to own a home but lack the money to do so directly. A mortgage loan is another name for a home loan. This loan is taken out for a lengthy term, typically between 5 and 30 years, and is backed by the property you are purchasing. We will go over the definition, categories, requirements, and characteristics of a home loan in this article.

What Does Home Loan Mean?

A home loan is a sort of loan that a person takes out to buy or build a house. The asset can be a home, an apartment, or a piece of land. Compared to other loan types, the loan amount is typically larger and the term is longer. The property being purchased or built provides the security for the loan, giving the lender the right to sell it if the borrower is unable to pay back the loan.

Types of Home Loans:

There are numerous sorts of mortgages on the market. The most typical kinds of mortgages are:

House Buying Loan: This kind of loan is used to buy either new or used real estate. The amount of the loan depends on the size of the down payment.

Home construction loans are obtained to build a new residence on a plot of land. The quantity of money spent on the project is determined by the amount of funding available.

House extension/renovation loans are obtained to add on to or modify an existing structure. Based on the expected cost of the refurbishment or addition, the loan amount is determined.

Eligibility for Home Loans:

You need to meet the following requirements in order to be qualified for a mortgage:

Age: You must be between the ages of 18 and 65.

Your source of revenue should be reliable. Your income and expenses will be examined by the lender to determine your loan eligibility.

Credit Score: Obtaining a house loan requires having a decent credit score. A good credit score is one that is 750 or higher.

Property Documents: You should have all required property documents, including a possession certificate, title deed, and sale deed.

Features of Home Loans:

You should be aware of the following characteristics of mortgages:

Loan Amount: The amount of the loan is determined by the property’s worth, your income, and your credit rating.

Mortgage interest rates are typically lower than those for other types of loans. Typically, the interest rate is either set or variable.

Home loans have terms that might last anywhere between five and thirty years.

Prepayment Fees: You could have to pay a prepayment fee if you want to prepay your mortgage. This fee might represent a portion of the total loan balance.

Processing Fee: In order to process your loan application for a home, the lender may impose a processing fee. This charge can represent a portion of the loan balance.

Tax advantages: You are entitled to tax advantages on the principal and interest payments made on your mortgage. The principal amount and interest amount each qualifies for a maximum tax deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakhs and Rs. 2 lakhs, respectively.


A home loan is a sort of financial aid that aids people in buying property. There are several types of home loans available, including hybrid, fixed-rate, and adjustable-rate loans. A borrower’s ability to obtain a mortgage depends on a number of variables, including credit score, income, and work status. The loan amount, interest rate, repayment period, and processing costs are some of a house loan’s features.

Getting a house loan can be a big financial decision that needs considerable thought and preparation. People may make educated selections and select a loan that best meets their needs and financial position by being aware of the many home loan kinds, eligibility requirements, and amenities.

In general, a home loan can give people a way to realize their desire of becoming homeowners. People may locate a loan that is both inexpensive and fit for their needs by taking the time to research and compare their possibilities, giving their future a solid and safe foundation.


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