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Today, the coronavirus is shaking the world. In this panic situation, the whole world is in a blocking phase. It is a very difficult situation for everyone and all governments. Many governments say they stay at home and save the lives of their people. India’s panic purchases for basic foods and groceries are happening online today. This is the time when people in big cities are asked to stay at home and close all shopping centers and various restaurants to prevent the massive spread of the coronavirus. In the pandemic situation, many people face a major problem, such as the purchase of food, medicine, and food. Some governments have declared that they are not going out, they have bought food and medicine online.

Therefore, buying food and medicine online is a necessity for people. In the pandemic situation, the demand for food online is at its peak. In this difficult situation, people at home want to know one thing. The number of e-commerce giants for the online delivery of groceries such as Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, Instacart, and many others is increasing their business and sales and is also posting massive volume growth. The extensions have grown by almost 80 to 100%.


Most people have already delivered vegetables, household items, rice, wheat, and pulses. And today there is massive growth and increased demand for many disinfectants, masks and disinfectants, diapers and many personal care products.

Many e-commerce foods like Grofers have seen their sales increase, and now they are being stockpiled due to the panic of coronaviruses. The size of the Grofers had increased by 80% over the weekend. The increase in demand quickly slowed down the process and the estimated delivery time fell from 2-3 hours to 3-4 days.

Likewise, the big basket has also experienced massive sales growth. Although the big basket is a witness, it has doubled its growth.

On average, the only online catering application delivers 1.6 lakh of orders per day. Now the shipping scenario is around 90,000 orders per day and now it has grown and developed.


 This situation of coronavirus occurs not only in India but also worldwide. Many people around the world suffer from the purchase of food. This continues even after the coronavirus has hatched. This epidemic caused panic. In this panic situation, people are looking for new sources to buy food and various things.

Many giants of online e-commerce such as Walmart, Instacart, and Shipt are experiencing massive growth in their businesses. All downloads of food apps in the Play Store and the AppStore are increasing and are shown in the table below.

Source: apptopia

The table above shows online downloads of food apps in the United States. USA this COVID 19 times.

As the coronavirus spreads to the United States, the aforementioned food applications, as mentioned above, have grown significantly. This shows how much people panic and are interested in buying food to live around the world, not just in the United States. This COVID-19 panic causes more pain for the rich and the poor. As we know, all those in need who have general and basic needs cannot simply buy basic items like disinfectants, handkerchiefs, toiletries, etc.

The story above tells from February to today. By comparing average daily downloads, Instacart, Walmart, and Shipt found that their daily downloads and usage exceeded 100%.


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