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Shoperkart For Business - (A)

Shoperkart is an app that provides a platform to local businesses, small traders, shop keepers and local service providers who are looking for selling their products and services online and expanding their reach in their respective areas. In a vast growing and competitive environment, Shoperkart provides an easy to use the platform to small business enterprises with tremendous growth potential. If you are looking for a digital platform to expand your business reach within your area, shoperkart helps in eliminating the need to develop an app, website or spend a huge amount of money on promotion, etc.

Features of Shoperkart App

  1. The seller can choose a category from the existing list of categories available on the app.
  2. The app provides the feature to add more categories of products and services being offered by the seller, trader or service provider.
  3. Further unlimited categories can be created and added to your store.
  4. Product description, pricing, and other details need to be mentioned.
  5. An order section to track the list of orders received and processed.
  6. Option to promote and share the store with various customers or target audiences.
  7. Seller, traders and service provider can notify the launch of new products to their target audience.

Various Functional Options of the app

  1. Store Details – At the time of registration, the seller, trader or service provider needs to add store details such as the Name of the store, its address, contact number, etc. The details can be changed in the future as well.
  2. Categories you sell – The seller or service provider can select a category from the existing list of categories.
  3. Create Own Category – User can also create his own category by uploading the image and entering the Category name.
  4. Add Product – Once the category is selected, several products of the category and their offer price can be listed amongst the existing categories. More products can be added in the future as well under the existing category.
  5. Product details – The seller or service provider needs to provide details such as Product Name, Description, Retail Price, Quantity, Stock, special offers. Users can add a maximum of 4 photos corresponding to the product.
  6. Edit the Product – At any given point in time, the details of the product can be edited.
  7. Delete the Product – The user can delete the product due to non-availability or out of stock.
  8. My orders – An easy way to track orders and manage them effectively. The trader can view orders. The seller or service provider can also call the customer to verify the order through the app, update the order status such as dispatched and delivered.

How to use the app?

  1. Download the app from google play store with a link
  2. Enter your mobile number, an OTP will be received.
  3. On successful submission of the OTP, the app will prompt details such as Name, address, photo, contact details, email id, etc.
  4. Select the product category from an existing list or add new categories. An image can be added to the new category created
  5. List your products under the category selected with details such as Name of the product, description, MRP, Offer Price, Quantity (1 Kg pack / 5 kg pack, etc) or any special offer (like buy 1 get 1 free), etc.
  6. The seller can track the order through the shoperkart order section and confirm the order once the order is ready and mark the order delivered upon delivery.
  7. The trader or seller can share the app with the target audience through the share section on WhatsApp, email or message and the download link shall be shared with the customer.


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