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A Mobile App to Offer Personal Loans

M H Mortgage Services Pvt Ltd known as “Mudra Home” is registered under Companies Act 2013 as a Financial Service Provider that offers other financial services to the customer for various types of Loans like Home Loan, Loan Against Properties, Business Loans, Personal Loans Etc. In a short span of time it has grown well as a one stop financial service provider with growing distribution network that cater diversified financial products.  The company is going to launch a Mobile App – ‘Myloan’ to extend its reach among the young and tech savvy customers. MyLoan is a social profile based  loan mobile application that assess the borrower’s loan eligibility  through an algorithm by using mix of financial, digital and social data.

The application allows the user to link the app with their social media profiles and obtain their score accordingly that reflects their potential of credit-worthiness. The digital data of the customer shows the entire picture of the customer other than the financial metrics. The application aims to assist and encourage the company’s digital presence among their new and existing customers. The unique and new application uses the financial and other alternate information of the customer to analyze the borrower’s creditability.

Being connected to Facebook and Linkedin the application fetches the social information like employment history and interests along with other information like the location details, utility bill payment history etc. The Credit score and the other data points together calculate and give the score for the user. In its initial stage, the application restricts the user for finding out the loan eligibility and credit score.

So to turn your dreams into reality and find out the maximum loan eligibility and credit score to fulfill your instant need of any type of loans, the borrower just need to login in myLoan app using the social media details of the user and enter basic financial details. It enable you to generate maximum loan  eligibility and credit score .

#myeligibility reveals a loan eligibility and credit score that helps to understand the different aspects of the user based on their financial data. To generate a meaningful score the social, digital and financial data is used with utmost care in a balanced way. Once the #myeligibility is calculated the user is free to jump directly to the loan application journey. By providing few details on the mobile the borrower can easily arrive on the decision. The application allows the borrower to upload the required documents for the personal loan.

The application makes the process transparent and uses multiple credit underwriting scorecards at the backend that suits the customer’s profile and their need. The application will help to cater the small ticket size loans with shorter tenures and a fast disbursement. The personal loans are also offered to under-served segment and the first time buyers.


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