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Points to Remember Before Selecting The Financer

Funds can be an urgent need of anyone and one can need loans at any point of time in their life. This need can both be personal or professional. It has become quite easy to search for the lenders and our eligibility through internet. One can easily find their eligibility and credit score on the website of Mudra homes and even the site shows the lenders that can offer you the best possible rates available in the market as per your requirement and credibility.

After calculating the eligibility for the loan and collecting the required documents the important thing the borrower gets worried is for the lender. The borrower is always worried while choosing the right lender. Yes, it is an important factor to be considered before finalizing and borrowing the loan. The choice of lender determines lots of loan related aspects like the interest rates, fees, repayment options and many more. The borrower might find a lender that is offering a loan on lower interest rate but may be charging a higher amount as fees. So, it becomes quite important to compare different lenders and then make a wise choice for your need. The following factors can prove to be a little help while finalizing the financier for your loan:

Interest Rate Offered

Interest Rate Offered It’s an important aspect to be considered while choosing a lender because interest is an important aspect in your loan. Interest is the profit margin for the lender so it is crucial to lay emphasis on this factor. Paying a higher interest rate can prove to be a costly affair by borrowing a loan. Therefore, compare and choose a Bank / NBFC that offers a competitive rate of interest.

Fees & Charges

Fee and chargesFees charged during the loan life need to be checked. Compare the processing fee, prepayment charges, duplicate repayment schedule, foreclosure charges etc with different financial institutions beforehand. Few Banks/ NBFC’s charge a prepayment fee in case of advance payment during the loan term. So, research, compare and check with other financial institutions about the fees and charges being charged by visiting their official website or the local branch.


ReputationSelecting a lender with sound reputation in the market can be done online by researching and identifying its operating years. These financial institutions know the latest trends of the market and offer the best available interest rate. These Banks/ NBFC’s also offer the preferred interest rates to the existing customers of the company that helps to reduce the overall loan amount..

Troubleshooting with Client & product Service

financial_product_servicesThe services paid regarding the client & products after becoming offering the loan also influence the decision to choose the lender. Their response time towards the queries and other communication channels need to be checked. For this the reviews of past and existing customers on open forums, blogs or the website can be referred. Go ahead with your loan application if you find the positive reviews for that particular financial institution.

Repayment Options

RepaymentOne cannot predict the future and so is the revenue of the business. Due to the fluctuations in the revenue, flexible repayment option can help the borrower to pay an increased or decreased sum according to the cash flow in the business. Though, the flexible repayment option is not being provided by many lenders. Therefore, comparing and choosing among the various lenders that provide the benefit to pay a higher or lower amount according to the revenue generated.


ConclusionChoosing a right financier is a difficult task but keeping the above aspects in mind can be helpful before you finalize the financier for the loan. It is also important to check the loan tenor, the loan limit and the time taken to approve and disburse the loan. Move a step ahead after thoroughly considering the above aspects.



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