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Simplify term life insurance claims for your family while you’re away

Simplify term life insurance claims for your family while you're away - (A)

Term life insurance is a crucial step in ensuring the financial well-being of your family members when they can’t trust you.

If the worst were to happen, it would be an emotionally frightening time for his family. However, the complaint procedure should be started as soon as possible. It is true that the claim process can be complicated.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do everything in your power to help your family plan.

The easiest and most effective way to do this is to write an email that includes everything your family needs to know to make an insurance claim. Such email may contain the following

Point 1 – Policy details and document

The first thing you should do is educate your family about the policy. Attach the policy document to the email in PDF format and mention it in the email. Share the file password with your spouse and another trusted family member (if both you and your spouse are involved).

You can also add a link to an article or document to help your family understand the exact steps they need to take. Understand that bereaved family members may need specific steps at such a difficult time when thinking can be hard.

Item 2 – Step-by-step procedure to report a claim

Step 1 – Your family needs to inform the insurance company – It is obvious that your family would be discouraged in such an unfortunate situation. However, to avoid complications in the claims process, they must inform the insurance company of the death of the insured as soon as possible.

They can do this by calling the insurer, through their website, or by sending a letter. The basic details they need to submit include the following.

  • policy number
  • Policy Holder Name
  • Policyholder’s date of birth
  • cause and place of death
  • Beneficiary Name

Step 2 – Your family must be prepared and submit the following documents:

This is what you should have on hand before you make a claim.

What do you need In case of natural death:

  • The police ask for documents
  • The policy document (original)
  • Copy of the death certificate.

If the cause of death was due to an accident or medical emergency, they will need the following:

Documents required if the cause of death was a medical emergency

  • hospital certificate
  • medical certificate
  • Complete medical report with dates and times of admission and discharge, examinations and summary of death.

Documents specifically required for unnatural or accidental death

  • autopsy report
  • FIR message noted by a police officer
  • final police report

Point 3: Insurance Claims Evaluation: What Your Family Should Expect Now

Once your family has submitted the documents, the insurance company will verify whether or not your application has been accepted. If all the documents submitted are correct and meet all the conditions, the successful applicant will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account. The insurance policy will detail to which account or how the insurance amount will be paid if not directly to the beneficiary’s account.

Finally, something you can do to prevent claims from being denied

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry, make sure you have taken precautions in your claims process to avoid denial. A lot of this is up to you, so make sure you follow them.

Always provide complete and accurate health-related information. If discrepancies are identified at the time of application, your family could lose the Settlement Amount.

You can also use the option of a medical exam by the insurer so they have less of a say in the claims process.

You must update the candidate’s details if they change.

Timely payment of all premiums is important and not just a basis for term life insurance.

The claim must be made urgently after the death of the policyholder.

Instead of the insurance agent, you must complete the application form yourself to avoid minor errors.

If there are specific risks you want to consider, purchase additional coverage for them from insurers that can cover them. For example, if you like adventure sports, check what level of adventure it covers and if there is another provider that can cover the additional scenarios.



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