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New limits for international mutual funds based on redemption - (A)

As of February 1, 2022, international investment funds will be able to reinvest in shares of companies listed abroad to the extent of the redemptions and therefore sales of foreign shares that have suffered these systems. These foreign investment limits came into effect on February 1, 2022, and since the limits were not raised, most …

Eyeing for an international scholarship - This how you can maximize your chances - (A)

For talented students in India, various scholarship packages are available in undergraduate, postgraduate, and master’s programs at foreign universities. This allows students to access amazing educational opportunities. However, the competition for these scholarships is fierce and you must start the process at least a year in advance to qualify. Scholarships can be 100% or even …

5 myths about money that women should bury - (A)

“Kids and family should be my priority, not my personal investments. … “Women are not good with numbers” … “Investments and taxes are too complicated for women to understand” … You would hear people, including some women, repeat those lines over the years. This is despite the fact that women carefully follow their financial plans …


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