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changes in the income tax return

The last date for filing Income Tax Return (ITR) for the assessment year 2019-20 is July 31, 2019. After the refund is determined, it is processed by the tax department. It can be checked online either through the income tax e-filing portal or through the NSDL website. Filing ITRs on deadline often leads to error …

The role and duties of an operations department depends on a particular industry and its size. The operation management develops internal policies and procedures to be followed and manages the operations staff. Operation manager helps to analyze the company┬┤s finances, spending and manage other resources. In addition to its duties, the operation manager has to …

Number of times when students want to pursue further studies in finance. But getting a degree in financing or accounting is always confusing for them. Though, both the fields provide challenging, successful and rewarding career opportunities and in near future the fields will show the faster than average career growth For many of us it …


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