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Buying any kind of property is a huge decision for the whole life. Nowadays Banks/ NBFC’s ask the borrower to include a co-applicant in the loan. Co-owning property with our own family member is a normal practice for long but nowadays people do not shy away to collaborate with their friends too. However, many of …

Home loan is a lifetime financial commitment for homebuyers and also at the same time it also involves huge risks for the Bank/ NBFC’s. This is the reason why Banks/ NBFC’s are very much concerned about extending home loan to people who are close to their retirement, regardless of their financial situation. People who are …

Whenever we are in need of any loan, we start looking for options. Few friends and neighbors also come with their suggestions. But still we always have doubts in our mind that leads to more research. Here at we have tried to answer to all your doubts. Do I need a loan? It is …


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