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Home loan is a lifetime financial commitment for homebuyers and also at the same time it also involves huge risks for the Bank/ NBFC’s. This is the reason why Banks/ NBFC’s are very much concerned about extending home loan to people who are close to their retirement, regardless of their financial situation. People who are …

In Financial Industry, a loan is about lending money from one entity to another entity. A loan is a debt provided by an organization or an individual at an interest rate. This is evidenced by agreed terms and conditions that specify the borrowed amount, interest rate and the repayment date. These days all the Banks/ …

A long time dream – an owned house. This dream can easily be fulfilled with the help of a Home Loan. A loan can be applied for various reasons depending on the personal needs of an individual. An applied loan amount may not be sufficient to buy the dream house. The loan amount completely depends …


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