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Health Insurance vs Critical Insurance Cover- (A)

Health insurance and health insurance are types of health insurance. They have their own advantages in buying considering the coverage they offer. There are many differences between attitudes toward health insurance and coverage for serious illnesses. This article describes the precise meaning of health and medical insurance coverage and the difference between these policies. What …

How to apply for car insurance after an accident in India

Applying for car insurance after an accident in India – Driving a car on the highway allows you to travel miles, but the driver should be held responsible for it. Despite the caution, accidents can happen on the road at any time. It could be an accident, theft, a fire, or some other unfortunate event. …

How to negotiate with Car Insurance Surveyor

If your car is involved in an accident, you must notify the car insurance company of the accident and submit all necessary documentation. The auto insurance then sends an appraiser who submits a report to the auto insurance company on the amount of the bill to be paid. If you made a claim for Rs …

Zero depreciation Car Insurance Cover

Car insurance depreciation often refers to the loss of value of an asset over time due to factors such as age, wear and tear, and obsolescence. Vehicles generally write off assets. For example, a new car costs more than an old one. All automobile materials such as glass, plastic, metal, etc. are also associated with …

Car Insurance claim without driving license and RC

There are some basic documents that are associated with comprehensive auto insurance. You will need these basic documents/details to complete the insurance policy and make a claim. For example, when purchasing a policy, you will need the vehicle’s engine number and policy number to make a claim. However, insurance is associated with uncertainties. There may …


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