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Decoding Limited Liability Partnership and its Implications

Spiderman’s uncle once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The quote is valid in the management of companies also where power and returns are directly proportional to responsibility and accountability you hold in the firm. So before making you understand what Limited Liability Partnership is let us be more responsible and understand what is …

Bank Consideration before loan approval

Gurgaon based Alpana Shah, 35, had been looking for her dream house from a long time. The day she finally found one she didn’t take long to finalize it. The next step towards her dream house was to get a home loan approved. In the current market scenario, where builders are desperate to find buyers …


Loan against property is a loan which you can take by keeping your commercial or residential property as a collateral. The value of your property is the deciding factor for the the amount of potential loan that can be sanctioned. Fast and easy loans online are readily available. Property as collateral for a loan Generally, …


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