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Is it safe to invest in technology stocks - (A)

The information technology (IT) sector has proven to be one of the hardest hit by recent stock market volatility. In fiscal 2022, technology sector funds as a category lost 24.7%, compared to a 5.86% loss reported by Flexicap funds, according to Value Research. The sector has been the favorite of many investors over the past …

5 types of income to remember while filling ITR - (A)

There is little less than a day and a half left before the deadline for submitting the Income Tax return (ITR). The deadline, July 31, is fast approaching. Meet this deadline if you don’t want to pay late fees, default interest on taxes owed, and lose other benefits of filing the ITR before the due …

Recently while flipping the pages of my newspaper I saw an article related to financial industry that deals with lending rates. That article was to lighten up our minds with the current changes going on. Many of us don’t know what a little increase in interest rates will bring an impact on our current home …


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