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Comparing Fixed vs Floating Interest Rates in Home Loan Making an Informed Decision

Introduction One of the most significant financial decisions individuals make in their lifetime is purchasing a home. With the majority of homebuyers relying on loans to fund their purchase, understanding the nuances of interest rates is crucial. Home loans offer two primary types of interest rates: fixed and floating (also known as variable). Each type …

Why inflation should decline in six months. And why is this good news for the markets

Investors’ bane today is inflation as it kills nominal returns. This adds to problems given rising inflation and subdued returns across asset classes. This is a global phenomenon, with inflation in some countries at multi-year highs. But inflation should decline in six months. You may wonder how this happened? Let’s look at it from a …

As demand for credit rises in India, banks may soon be rushing to get deposits - (A)

Credit growth in India hit a three-year high and is expected to rise further as economic activity gains traction, but much slower deposit growth could prompt banks to seek funding and raise interest rates. deposit quickly, analysts and bankers said. Deposit growth has taken a hit as high inflation led to lower savings and depositors …

CVV Number What it is, How it Works & More - (A)

When shopping online or over the phone, you are often asked for your credit card CVV number, sometimes called a card security code. CVV is short for Card Verification Value and is an important security feature. What is a CVV credit card? CVV is a three or four-digit code that is printed on your credit …


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