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Is Tax Benefit on Personal Loan Possible

There are various tax deduction and benefits on education loan or home loan, however, there are hardly any tax deduction or exemption allowed on personal loans. Deduction on interest expense of personal loan are available in certain circumstances but they depend on the purpose for which the loan has been availed. Ways to claim tax …

A Look at Taxable and Non taxable Allowance for salaried people

An allowance is a financial benefit of a fixed amount of money provided by an employer to meet a particular type of expenditure over and above regular salary. Allowances are regarded as part of the salary and are taxable, except for those under exemptions under various sections of the Income Tax Act. Based on the …

Home Loan Balance transfer

Home loan balance transfer is when you transfer your home loan amount from the existing bank to another new bank. This is usually done to avail better service and lower interest rates from the bank which would be willing to takeover the home loan. It is also known as ‘Refinancing and Home Loan Take Over’. …

Business Loan Agreement – An Overview

A business loan agreement is an agreement between the lender and the business. It is basically a document stating out the entire details of the loan agreement and it is of vital importance throughout the tenure of the business loan. So it is essential that before signing in the agreement, you must check and be …

Applying for an Instant Loan

Many loan seekers these days choose Instant Loan over traditional personal loans. The financial world is going through a rapid change. Bank processes which were tedious and time taking are readily available and paperless. The ATMs and online banking, has made the queuing for deposit and withdrawal vanish. Now getting a loan is quick, pre-approved, …


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