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Is it Important to have a Budget

A budget is a plan for every Rupee you have, it is an estimate of income and expenditure which you should have for a set period of time. It ultimately gives you more financial freedom and a life with much less stress. The simplest form of budgeting is dividing your income among needs, wants, savings …

How Salary Individual can save tax

The financial year 2018-19 has ended and the individuals having gross total income exceeding the taxable limit must have filed an ITR on or before the due date. Especially the salaried individuals in our country, who are the largest taxpayers to the government, have to plan their tax saving financial decisions beforehand. The tax planning …

To buy a house and creating an asset is a big step for everyone. Again to b a surprise, searching for a house that fits within the budget is not short of a struggle. The next step after searching the right property is to choose the right loan and apply for a home loan for buying the …


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