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Your money is your insurance agent looking out for you

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) is actively considering giving policyholders the flexibility to change agents at any time during the policy term, as long as the policy term is 20 years or less. . Customers should use this privilege to only connect with agents who build lasting relationships. For now, insurers …

How Multi-Year Health Insurance Can Lower Your Premium Costs

With the rise in lifestyle-related illnesses, unexpected health risks, rising healthcare costs, and financial insecurity, Generations Y and Z are becoming more health insurance conscious. Many professionals from these two segments have constituted their group health insurance. However, these policies only protect policyholders during their active employment and offer an average insured sum of Rs …

Seven common mistakes people make when planning for health insurance - (A)

Company health policy is sufficient, personal policy is not necessary This is one of the most common mistakes we have come across from people who work in the corporate sector: they rely on the group policy offered by their company and do not have personal coverage. They don’t realize two things: First, an office policy …


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