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Income Replacement Term Insurance- (A)

Not sure if term income replacement insurance is the right option for you? Let me open the door to facts and ideas. It will erase all your doubts. And you will surely make the right decision. Because when you have the right knowledge about term insurance, you can make things better for yourself and your …

Benefits of Critical Illness Policy-(A)

Traditional critical medical insurance or the dreaded medical insurance is an insurance product in which the insurance company pays the insured a lump sum in cash if they are diagnosed with a critical illness or undergo one of the surgeries covered by the medical insurance. Politics. Typical critical illness insurance can include cancer, organ transplants, …

Know more about Single Premium Term Insurance-(A)

What is single premium insurance? Before switching to single premium hazard insurance, it is important to know what hazard insurance is. Term insurance is one of the simplest types of insurance products. The insurance company guarantees that in the event of the death of the insured, a fixed amount will be paid to the nominee, …

What are the documents required for Term Plan

What documents are required to purchase risk insurance? Here is a list of the essential documents to obtain term insurance with Max Life Insurance: Here are some documents needed to purchase a temporary plan (for individuals). The listing includes a photo, proof of address, proof of women’s clothing, and proof of income. Take a look …

Term Plan

The young generation of boys and girls in their early 20s who just begin their career and start working, hardly think about opting an insurance term plan.  Most of them think that they are too young and do not have any liability or responsibility, so why waste money buying a term plan? However, such decisions …


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