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What is Aadhaar card ?

What is Aadhaar card

Aadhaar number is a unique 12 digit number issued by the authorities for all the residents of India after a proper verification process done by the authorities. Every individual irrespective of gender, age, cast and who is also an Indian resident can voluntarily enrol to get Aadhaar number. There are certain demographic and biometric information has to be submitted for the enrolment process which is also completely free of cost for everyone. This data is being collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). I thought it was established in January 2009 by the government of India. An individual can enrol for Aadhaar once and only one Aadhaar is generated for one individual as the uniqueness can only be achieved through the process of demographic and biometric deduplication.

The demographic information required to enrol for the Aadhaar card are as follows:

  • Name
  • Date of birth verified
  • Age declared
  • Gender
  • address
  • mobile number
  • email ID

In case it is being introduced by some other person then the name of the introducer and introducer’s Aadhaar number is also included. In case it has to be made in the name of head of the family then relationship and head of the family’s Aadhaar number is required. In case of enrollment of Aadhaar card for a child, enrollment ID or Aadhaar number of any one of the parent and proof of relationship documentation required while enrolling for Aadhaar is as follows:

  • Ten fingerprints
  • iris scan (retina scan)
  • facial photograph

Due to increased online facilities Aadhaar number can easily be verified in a cost effective way. It is so unique and safe that it can easily eliminate the duplicity and fake identities and can easily be used as basis for primary identification proof to roll out several government and welfare schemes for effective Service delivery, transparency and good governance.

Aadhaar number devoid any intelligence and does not profile people based on caste creed , health, religion, geography or income. It is an identity proof and does not confer any right of citizenship. It is a strategic policy tool for financial and social inclusion to manage the fiscal budgets to increase the convenience and promote hassle-free services to the people. Aadhaar can also be used as a permanent financial address. It is also called a distributive justice and equality tool that facilitates financial inclusion of underprivileged and weaker sections of the society. It won’t be wrong if we say that it is a key pillar of the ‘Digital India’ and every resident of a country is provided with a unique Identity. With an increased development and reaching milestones in our IT sector, Aadhaar has already achieved several milestones and has become a largest bio Matrix based identification system in the world. It feels Pride that even the World Bank Chief Economist described Aadhaar as “the most sophisticated ID program in the world.”

However, it is considered as a proof of residence but not a proof of citizenship and does not grant any rights to domicile in India. In 2007 it was also clarified that Aadhaar is not a valid identification document for the Indians who are travelling to neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. the supreme court also stated that no person to suffer for not getting Aadhaar. It was also stated that the government cannot deny a service to an Indian resident who does not possess Aadhaar. Enrolling for Aadhaar is completely voluntary and not mandatory.

Even after so many challenges, Aadhaar has become a strong identity platform with its unique features of authentication, financial address and e KYC that enables the Government of India to give a helping hand directly to the residents of the country by delivering various subsidies, benefits and services by using the resident’s Aadhaar number.


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