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Why is Calculating APR Crucial Before Taking a Loan?

Why is Calculating APR Crucial Before Taking a Loan - (A)

What was the first thing you thought about when you asked for a loan from a bank? Most people react to the interest rate! They assume that the bank with the lowest interest rate is your best option. But we are not telling you the whole truth in this communication. There are also other fees or charges that you must pay. When you include them in the cost of your loan, you get the APR, the APR.

Does the above explanation raise more questions than answers? Do not worry. We are here to answer all of your APR questions.

How much is the annual interest rate?

The APR is the actual annual cost of your loan for each tenure. Add your interest rates and any other fees charged by the lender. The fees include processing fees, insurance fees, etc. APR is calculated as a percentage. It can be equal to or higher than the interest rate on the loan.

What are the benefits of APR?

The APR includes all types of fees associated with the loan. Therefore, it is a powerful tool that provides information on the real cost of the loan.

You can determine who the actual cheap loan provider is based on the APR.

APR is a standard calculation that works for all types of bank charges. Therefore, you can apply for any bank loan offer.

Why is the calculation of the APR crucial when applying for a personal loan?

When you apply for a personal loan, you want it to be offered at a low-interest rate. Banks that offer you the lowest interest rate will attract you the most. But as you’ve seen here, when we calculate the APR, we know the actual cost of the loan.

Therefore, you have to look at all the small and large fees that banks take on your personal loans and then decide. And the annual effective rate applies to fixed-rate loans, such as personal loans. This does not apply to the variable interest rate.

How can you lower the APR on your current loan?

Pay your bills on time. Don’t miss out on your ECMs and your credit card. If you do all of this, you will get good credit. Banks are willing to consider a borrower with a high credit rating.

You can transfer your remaining credit to another bank with a lower interest rate. But don’t forget to calculate the APR beforehand.

If you acquire a willingness to pay your installments on time, banks may force you to request a reduction in APR.

You can get another loan from another bank with a lower annual percentage rate. And with this amount you can pay off your existing loan in its entirety.


Banks will not tell you anything about the APR. You have to find out for yourself. The sad truth is that most financial institutions don’t tell their clients how to calculate APR. There was a time when people like you didn’t even know what APR stood for. But as your awareness increases, you become an educated and level-headed borrower. You should always calculate the annual percentage and encourage others to do so.



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