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Why You Should Never Buy Insurance from Your Car Dealer?

Why You Should Never Buy Insurance from Your Car Dealer_

Car owners want the best for their four-wheeler. Usually, no one wants to settle for something mediocre, even if it means spending the extra money. This scenario is often turned upside down when it comes to securing the vehicle. When buying auto insurance, profitability takes precedence over functionality. But it’s good? Not really.

Having insurance for your vehicle is essential if you want to drive legally in India. New car owners often follow the suggestions of their dealerships when buying car insurance. In such cases, car owners do not need to review car insurance details, spend time and effort checking the credibility of the insurer, etc. The dealer serves them on a platter. But is it productive? Again, not really. Read on to learn more about the downsides of getting insurance from your dealer.

5 main disadvantages

Listed below are the top drawbacks to buying car insurance from your dealer. Please note that these points are general in nature. It is recommended that you have an individual interview with your dealer to make an informed decision.

 1) No comparison of guidelines

Today it is easy to compare car insurance prices online. After the comparison, you will know the cheapest policy. You can search for your ideal policy online by first narrowing down the coverage you want and then comparing the insurer that offers car insurance coverage at the best price.

When you buy car insurance from a dealer, you can’t compare policies. All you have to do is do what the dealer offers.

 2) Rigidity

Most car dealerships are affiliated with an insurance company. That makes them stiff. There is no flexibility in choosing an insurer for you. You may have a preferred insurer, but you should stick to the dealer’s suggested insurer as they have a prearranged agreement to sell insurance policies for the dealer.

 3) Fixed cover

Due to the lack of comparison and flexibility, you cannot choose the inclusions for your coverage. Car dealerships often offer fixed coverage when it comes to four-wheel drive insurance. For example, the dealer may offer a complete plan with many additional features. However, you may only need a simple comprehensive plan. That way, you end up paying a premium for coverage you don’t need.

4) Specific additional modules

The problem of fixed coverage also extends to the additional modules offered. You may not be offered the full range of plugins or specific plugins may not be offered to you, regardless of your needs. This leads to a lack of adequate coverage.

 5) First missing digital security

If you choose insurance offered by a car dealer, you are missing out on the benefits of online car insurance from digital insurers.

Here are the highlights of buying car insurance online from digital insurers:

  • Choose the cover of your preference
  • Make a choice without being influenced by third parties
  • Cheap policies without compromising coverage
  • Improved service quotient
  • Hassle-free claim resolution
  • No paperwork
  • Quick purchase of a policy (in two minutes)
  • Compare policies before buying car insurance online

Make a wise choice

If you have not yet purchased the auto insurance suggested by your dealer, take the time to discuss your auto insurance needs and see if the dealer can meet them. If the dealer can’t provide the insurance coverage you want, feel free to buy it online.

If you have already purchased the policy from your dealer, you have the option of choosing a different rate when renewing the policy. Make sure to renew your car insurance on time. An expired policy is inactive and an inactive policy is worthless.


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