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It is always good to be a good planner..!! Being a home buyer, it is mandatory to be concerned about the unsecured or secured debts as it can affect and reduces the ability to qualify for the loan buying process. Low credit score and increased Debt – to – Income (DTI also known as Debt …

These days organizations like Banks, FI’s, credit card companies, insurance companies, online lenders  and even the mobile companies track a credit score to know the risk taking potential of the consumer and to mitigate the bad debts. Credit score determines the loan amount, credit limit, interest rate as well as its an assurance to qualify …

People generally have two options when it comes to where they live and ultimately call home. One is to rent a home that someone else owns and the other is to purchase a home for themselves. People who decide to buy a house often do so because they are ready to settle down in one …


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