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How can you reduce your Home Loan EMI burden - (A)

Choose a shorter repayment term. As mentioned earlier, a shorter loan term guarantees a faster full loan repayment; which leads to lower interest charges. You must understand that a higher interest payment does not necessarily mean a higher effective interest rate. What increases as the loan term increases is only the absolute interest payment, which …


State Bank of India has been one of the leading providers of home loans in the country for decades. The bank is the largest public sector bank with the lowest mortgage rates in India. Like any other bank, SBI offers fixed and floating rates for home loans. And it currently offers home loans at a …

Why should you choose Home Loan Balance Transfer - (A)

A home loan balance transfer is the means of transferring an existing home loan to another lender at a lower interest rate and other benefits. It is very similar to a new home loan. When a borrower makes a balance transfer, their entire outstanding balance is transferred to the new account, where the new lender …

CVV Number What it is, How it Works & More - (A)

When shopping online or over the phone, you are often asked for your credit card CVV number, sometimes called a card security code. CVV is short for Card Verification Value and is an important security feature. What is a CVV credit card? CVV is a three or four-digit code that is printed on your credit …

Boost Your Credit Score with Different Types of Credit - (A)

A credit score is a statistical number that evaluates the creditworthiness of an investor or consumer. It is based on the person’s credit history. Today, lenders focus on creditworthiness to measure the likelihood that a person will pay off his debts. A person’s credit score can range from 300 to 900, and the higher the …


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