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Health Insurance for Students

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A student’s life revolves around study and career goals, as well as fun and adventure. With increasing globalization, numerous career opportunities, and peer pressure to excel in their studies, today’s students hardly have the mental space for health problems. Additionally, college students are more excited about their first step into adulthood and adjusting to the new study environment.

With all of this, the idea of health insurance can never cross a student’s mind. However, student health insurance is essential, regardless of whether you are studying in your home country or abroad.


It has become a universal truth that every individual needs health insurance to cover common health problems and unforeseen illnesses. And with the inflation rate rising and the associated rise in health care costs, getting adequate health insurance is becoming an urgent necessity. When it comes to protecting health, young and old need equal care.

Young people are vulnerable to common infections and diseases, chronic physical and mental illnesses, the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse, unplanned pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, physical injuries and unforeseen accidents can occur. In all of these cases, student health insurance can be of great help.

Education abroad is expensive. Depending on the country in which the student lives, the cost of medical treatment may be higher. Even an over-the-counter medication or a small medical procedure can put a student’s finances down dramatically. For students who live far from their parents, health insurance becomes even more important.


As with any other policy, choosing health insurance for a student requires special consideration. The following should be considered when selecting a student’s health insurance: the sum insured, the list of illnesses and type of accident insured, relationship with hospitals, medical facilities, pre, and post-hospital benefits, and information on company insurance claims.

Many Indian parents are unfamiliar with student health insurance and its coverage. You send your child abroad without adequate health insurance. Later on, they will have to pay a substantial amount for their child’s treatment if they are diagnosed with an illness while studying abroad.

In addition to insurance coverage, medical insurance for students living onboard must include other benefits such as exemption of tuition fees in case of medical absence and travel expenses of family members for the visit back to sick students, etc.


In general, investing in student health insurance is a wise decision. While it may seem like an additional expense at first glance, students should consider it a valuable tool that will protect their finances in the event of a medical emergency.


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