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Health Insurance vs Critical Insurance Cover

Health Insurance vs Critical Insurance Cover- (A)

Health insurance and health insurance are types of health insurance. They have their own advantages in buying considering the coverage they offer. There are many differences between attitudes toward health insurance and coverage for serious illnesses.

This article describes the precise meaning of health and medical insurance coverage and the difference between these policies.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance policy that provides financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency. Health insurance refers to a contract that mentions the coverage, characteristics, and conditions of the insurance company and the policy. Health insurance is only valid for a specified period of time; In most cases, this period is limited to one year. After this period, the contract between the policyholder and the insurance company expires and must be renewed.

There are different types of health insurance on the market. You can create a solid backup with the help of a complete portfolio by choosing from individual health insurance plans, family plans, critical illness insurance, group health insurance, etc.

What is Critical Illness Policy?

Critical illness is an illness or medical condition that threatens a person’s health, that is, a potentially fatal condition. The medical costs of treating such a disease are often very high and can represent a significant financial burden for the individual and their loved ones. Basic health coverage may not be enough to cover the cost of repeat hospitalizations, multiple doctor visits, or ongoing checkups for serious illnesses. In such situations, it can be helpful to have a flat fee. This flat rate can be provided by the health insurance company at the time of diagnosis of a listed disease according to your conditions.

Difference between health insurance and Critical Illness:

 There are some key differences between health insurance and serious illness insurance. Both policies are designed to provide financial coverage depending on the circumstances of the insured. While health insurance provides basic coverage, the critical illness policy is more comprehensive. Let’s look at the following table to understand how different these health insurance plans are from each other based on the parameters:


Parameters Health Insurance Critical Illness
Coverage Provides coverage for a variety of situations such as accidents, illnesses, pre-existing illnesses, etc. Some policies also cover costs related to maternity.


Provides coverage for a limited number of critical illnesses. The number of these illnesses insured depends on the insurance company.


Benefits various benefits are offered such as cashless treatments, additional insurance options, coverage for multiple family members, etc.




The insured is paid as soon as a specific critical illness is diagnosed. The insured can use the claim amount at her own discretion.


Premium The premium depends on the insurance company, the insurance coverage offered the insured members, and the amount insured by the policy. The premium depends on the insurance company, the number of illnesses insured and the sum insured.
Sum insured Can range from Rs 5 up to 10 Lakh Can range from Rs 5 up to 50 Lakh



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