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Order Essential Items Through Shoperkart App

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The Shoperkart app is easy to use a mobile app and a one-stop-shop for all your daily essentials. The app has been designed to help the users to eliminate the need to stand in long ques and save time. In today’s time, where hygiene & social distancing is the most important factor to protect people from getting affected by the epidemic the world is facing, shoperkart provides an easy solution.

The essential part of this app is that the user can easily order the products from their favorite local grocery store from the comfort of their home without having the need to go out of the house. The customers can browse through a list of stores in their local area and can order the products from any of the stores of their choice. The customer also gets an opportunity to browse through the list of items of other sellers for products that are not available in their selected store. This would not only save time but also assist in avoiding the need to hop from one store to another in order to procure the item due to the non-availability of a product at a store.

Through the shoperkart app, the customer can easily compare the products, prices, offers, and discounts available & offered by different stores with just a click of a button before making a purchase.

Once the order is placed, the customer gets a call from the store in which the order is placed. The customer can easily coordinate with the store for the successful completion of the order. However, in the current scenario, it is at the discretion of the seller to provide delivery service depending upon the availability of the staff and market factors. However, the customer can opt for pickup service in order to eliminate the long ques, risks, and time involved in the selection of the products at the store.

The customer can select products from multiple stores at the same time and add them to the cart. Once the order is placed, the store processes the order and the customer needs to make the payment at the time of delivery.

Therefore, the key features of the App are-

1. Customers can compare prices, offers, and discounts across all the stores.
2. Customers can check the availability of the product from their home without having the need to personally visit or call the store.
3. The customer can check the complete description of the product before making a purchase.
4. Customers can order a product from multiple stores at the same time.
5. The payment is made at the time of delivery only.
6. Customers can coordinate with the store for delivery of the goods or self-pickup.

How to use the app.

1. Download the app with google play store with a link.
2. Once the app is downloaded, the mobile no will be prompted.
3. Enter the mobile number and press enter. An OTP will be sent to the mobile of the user.
4. After the successful submission of the OTP, the customer needs to mention the name and address.
5. Select your location and search for the store.
6. Browse through the products and add them to the cart.
7. Place the order once all the items are selected.
8. The customer receives a call from the store to verify the order.
9. Complete the order through delivery or self-collection.


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