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Steps to follow while Car Insurance Claim Inspection

Steps to follow while Car Insurance Claim Inspection - (A)

As soon as your vehicle has an accident, activate the panic mode. But wait! Instead of panicking, do the following

Do you check if your vehicle is ready to drive or not?

It is recommended not to drive if the damage affects the proper functioning of the vehicle.

Review your policies for emergency assistance. In this case, call the emergency service to tow your vehicles to the nearest garage.

When you get to the garage, call your insurance company to report the accident.

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

After the accident has been reported, the vehicle inspection will take place within 6 business hours.

The inspector inspects the vehicle based on the inspection to determine the extent of the damage. The surveyor also conducts a background check to make sure there is no pre-existing damage. The appraiser also pays attention to fraudulent intentions, which are sometimes pursued by workshops without the knowledge of the client and whose identification could disqualify the claim. Therefore, it is advisable to closely monitor the progress of the claim, be honest with the car inspector, and disclose the facts so that they can get to the assessment quickly. The primary focus of the inspection at the time of repair is also important in obtaining an estimate of the cost to repair the damage.

To properly verify the vehicle’s insurance, the inspector may also collect photographic evidence. It is the common standard for going through a car insurance claim in India. After the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide you with the estimated amount that the insurer will pay for your damage and the remaining amount for the consumables is your responsibility. If you agree to have the insurer pay the amount directly to the garage, if it is a network connected garage, or if you can pay the bills and have your insurer reimburse the agreed value.

To ensure a smooth claims process, it is important to purchase comprehensive auto insurance from a reputable brand that has a high claim resolution rate and many online shops to take advantage of cashless benefits.


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