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The Role of Behavioral Economics in Personal Finance in India

Personal finance is an essential aspect of our lives, and making informed financial decisions is crucial for achieving our long-term financial goals. In India, where a rapidly evolving financial landscape is combined with diverse economic conditions, the role of behavioral economics in personal finance cannot be overstated. Behavioral economics is a field that studies the …

Recurring deposit in mutual funds or SIPs: which is better

In August 2022, Rs 12,693 crore entered mutual funds (MF) through systematic investment plans (SIP), the largest monthly SIP inflow in MF history. Obviously, over time, many investors have recognized the benefits of ladder investing. But there is another way to systematically invest. Although the returns are modest, the risk is much lower than with …

Mutual Funds and It’s Categories

A mutual fund stocks up money from different investors and invests in a group of assets known as securities such as stocks and bonds. There are professionals who manage the holdings which make up the fund’s portfolio. Investors buy shares based on the performance of the fund’s underlying securities. Mutual fund investors own shares in …


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