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Newspapers are flooded with news related to banking sector news… The financial market… Repo rates … Reverse repo rates… RBI decreased or increased its key interest rates and we all get confused how they are related to our financial system or our financial needs. How the loans we borrow are affected with these minute changes? …

It is difficult to understand the difference between RBI, the National Housing Banks and the Bank Ombudsman so easily. Let’s have a look to get a clear understanding about these topics and understand how they are helpful for us. National Housing Banks National housing bank is the financial institution established to operate as a primary …

The Banks/ NBFC’s fund for our lifetime dreams of owning a house. The immense pleasure of fulfilling our dreams comes with a responsibility of repaying the same in the next few years without any default.  Any defaults in the repayment of loan can lead your credit score in bad shape and further stop you to …


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