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What are Network and Non Network Hospitals? How does it effect our Health Claim?”

What are Network and Non Network Hospitals_ How does it effect our Health Claim

In the current pandemic situation, purchasing health insurance has become an important investment for you and your family. Health insurance companies offer policies for everyone, including COVID-19 patients. You will need to purchase adequate health insurance if necessary. Not only does it protect you during a medical emergency, but it also offers tax advantages in accordance with Section 80D EStG. There are two important things to keep in mind when purchasing health insurance for yourself and your family.

Your policy provides cashless medical service and
The list of network hospitals that covers

What is cashless medical treatment?

While health insurance offers a long list of benefits to policyholders, a cashless medical treatment center and a list of network hospitals are important aspects of a policy. If your policy covers cashless medical treatment, you won’t have to pay a penny at network hospitals. On the other hand, people who want to receive treatment at off-grid hospitals have to pay all hospital bills out of pocket when they are discharged. Therefore, you should consider this factor before obtaining your health insurance.

Do you know the difference between network hospitals and non-network hospitals?

If your health insurance company has a long list of hospitals, it may be more convenient to find the medical center near you where you live. Let’s discuss the differences between network hospitals and out-of-network hospitals, and learn about the process of being admitted to a network or out-of-network hospital during a medical emergency:

Network hospitals:

All registered health insurance companies in India have links with healthcare providers. They designate a network of hospitals and medical specialists to offer cashless treatments to their members. The network hospitals listed in the policy generally charge a reasonable fee for medical treatment services. In return, hospitals are receiving more patients through the network of insurance companies across India.

The patient asserts her medical rights against medical expenses and the medical insurance pays the hospital bill. For this reason, health insurance companies negotiate with hospitals, reduce medical costs, and list them as a network hospital. You can check the hospital name on your policy on the insurance company website or on the insurance document received from the insurance company.

If the insured is admitted to an affiliated hospital, they do not have to pay a single amount of money to the hospital. All expenses, including those before and after the hospital stay, are borne by the health insurance company.

Non-Network hospitals:

These hospitals are not included in your health insurance. If you need a medical emergency and are admitted to an out-of-network hospital, you are responsible for paying all hospital charges. Upon leaving the hospital, you must collect all the documents related to the hospital stay and present them to the health insurance company.

Your health insurance company will review all hospital records and approve the claim as it deems appropriate. The approved amount of damages is reimbursed to the insured’s account within 10-15 business days.


To rest easy in today’s invisible medical emergency and global pandemic situation, you need to have a good insurance policy with first-class features and facilities. There couldn’t be another great gift, vacation schedule, or other materialistic things that could give you such peace of mind in the current situation. You can opt for adequate and reliable individual health insurance, family health insurance, long-term health insurance, accident health insurance, or senior health insurance at a minimal cost from major health insurers.


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