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Hitting 30 next year? Buy Health Insurance

Hitting 30 next year_ Buy Health Insurance - (A)

If you are young and healthy, you probably don’t need health insurance. However, you must be pragmatic not to report a disease. A medical emergency can strike at any time, and what if you are not financially prepared for it?

Still, health insurance is the most overlooked type of insurance. But in recent years the incidence of health problems has increased and that is why health insurance to meet your health needs is much more than just a necessity.

Why buy health insurance?

The paradigm shift in our way of life has left us vulnerable to a wide variety of health disorders. If we travel long distances to work, are busy, exercise little, have poor eating habits, food is adulterated, and pollution increases, we have increased our risk of developing health problems at a young age.

Also, rising health care costs underscore the need for a health plan. There are many reasons to buy health insurance. If you have a dependent family, you can get family health insurance to cover your family’s medical needs.

The last thing you want to do is destroy all your savings to meet your medical needs. Therefore, it is very important to have health insurance to have easy access to medical facilities.

5 reasons to buy health insurance in your 30s

Health insurance covers the cost of medical treatment and you can customize your policy to suit your health needs. So why wait until you and your family can get family health insurance that meets your medical needs?

Here are 5 reasons why buying a health policy in your 30s is a difficult decision:

  1. Lower premium

If you get health insurance sooner, you will have to pay less for your policy. Premiums for a health policy increase with age; This is due to the higher associated risk. Health insurance premiums are based on the age, medical history, place of residence, etc. of the insured. So buying a health insurance plan early on can save you the premiums you’ve paid.

  1. Financial security

Obtaining health insurance gives you access to health centers when you need them, without you have to pay out of pocket. That way, you can make better use of your savings. Additionally, health insurers can claim tax exemptions on the premiums you pay for your insurance policy under Section 80D.

  1. The paradigm shift in lifestyle

Lately, our way of life has changed dramatically. Busy work hours, no time to train

Sleep, fast food, etc. have made us vulnerable to health problems and we ignore the first signs and symptoms of diseases that later lead to serious health problems.

  1. Early-onset of health problems

Lifestyle changes had a negative impact on our lives and led to an increase in the early incidence of various critical health conditions. To promote a healthy lifestyle, health insurance companies offer annual checkups.

  1. Several advantages of buying in advance

When purchasing a health insurance plan, certain conditions must be met in order to get the most out of it. For example, you have to go through a waiting period of about 3-4 years to get coverage for the conditions you already have. And you may not need these benefits right away at a young age, but you may need them right away at an older age. By getting a policy in advance, you can get better benefits and get the most out of the policy.

When to buy health insurance?

There is widespread confusion among people about “the correct age to get health insurance.” To be honest, there is no ideal age to buy one. But the sooner you buy, the better; If you buy health insurance from the beginning, you will get better benefits with better premiums.

To ensure the financial security of your life, you must have savings and also have insurance. Should a medical emergency arise, you would end up investing in your savings, which can obviously be better used. Therefore, it is advisable to take out medical insurance as soon as possible. There are different health insurance plans like B. Individual health insurance, family health insurance, health insurance, etc. Identify your health needs and buy accordingly.


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