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What does travel insurance cover?

What does travel insurance cover

Travel insurance covers medical expenses, cancellations, loss or theft, flight delays, evacuations, etc.

There are some basic types of coverage that insurance companies offer.

1. Trip cancellation insurance:
It is the most used coverage of travel insurance. Pay a substantial amount when booking your trip. It would be an extremely significant financial loss if for any reason you had to cancel your trip. In such a scenario, your travel insurance will help you. Cancellations are generally made due to illness, injury, or death of a family member.

2. Medical emergencies:
Medical expenses in countries like the United States are exorbitant and you would have to pay a fortune if you get sick during the trip. Travel  protects against these financial risks and covers all your medical expenses.

3. Lost luggage or passport, flight delays, etc.:
Travel insurance protects you against the loss or theft of your luggage and passport. It helps you make temporary passport arrangements and allows you to have a stress-free vacation. You also get travel insurance in case your flight is delayed or canceled.

4. Emergency Evacuations
If you need to be evacuated from your vacation spot due to a natural disaster or terrorist activity, your insurance company will pay for it. Emergency evacuation costs include your flights home or directly to the hospital of your choice in your city.

Travel insurance coverage is subjective and depends on your insurer. Therefore, it is important to read the policy wording carefully and to know what travel insurance covers.


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